Alex Zabala

Modern Mayan Mysteries (Clean Books for Mysterious Minds)
  • Cymatics and The Mind gems of Dr. Sova
    In my new book, The Mind Games of Dr. Sova, I introduce various clues used in the Mind Games, a game played by my characters, to assist them in solving the clues and riddles. One of the clues used is accomplished by the use of Cymatics. Cymatics is an awesome study of sound and vibration … Continue reading Cymatics and The Mind gems of Dr. Sova
  • Finally!!
    Get ready for a crazy ride as Dr. Rene Sova, the famous character from the bestselling book Treasure of the Mayan King, is back in action! With The Mind Games of Dr. Sova, we get a deeper look into his life and how he became the enigmatic and insufferable genius of a man that made … Continue reading Finally!!

KayCee's Cardboard Box

The Pencils Are Taking Over
  • Jewelry Elements
    I set out to create a jewelry collection that reflected scenes of nature. These are scenes that are beautiful and a little odd. A little odd never hurt anyone. 1. Turtle Shell Beads Used: jasper stone and mother of pearl.   2. Abalone Shell Beads Used: mother of pearl, fresh water pearls and glass.   … Continue reading Jewelry Elements
  • Warming Up
    When I sit down to write I begin with writing. Runners and athletes warm up before they start so why not writers? Sounds a bit redundant, right? Would someone have walked up to Babe Ruth in the batting cage and asked, “Hey why do you keep swinging that bat around? You’ll be doing enough of … Continue reading Warming Up
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